David Burnett in conversation….about this thing we call “photography”

How does the photography industry look like today? Here is an interesting conversation with famous photojournalist David Burnett. Daniel Milnor of Shifter (http://shifter.media/) talked with Burnett about, as he describes, “…social media, the industry and a little about this thing we call “photography.”

David Burnett has covered the world from the Iranian Revolution to Vietnam to Bob Marley, Politics and anything else that was happening on this planet in the past decades. Thank you, Daniel Milnor for providing the photography community with this cool interview.


David Burnett still keeps doing photography, after 48 years, and is not giving up. How does social media affect photography and its quality today? What happened to storytelling? Milnor and Burnett are touching on a lot of aspects of life and photography in their conversation. I enjoyed listening to it.

We will also have the honor of David Burnett giving a Masterclass workshop on Photojournalism at our IF/Academy next year (timing will be announced). So we are definitely looking forward to that!


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