What does photography mean to you? #1

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Asking photographers, professional or amateur, who pursue photography with passion and as an important part of their lives about what photography means to them – is very often inspirational input for life and work…..

I am asking Heike Rost (http://www.heikerost.com/) a photographer, journalist and visual culture trainer about photography:

“If somebody would ask me what photography means to me, I’d answer: It’s all about light, reflecting in life, in peoples’ eyes, on their skin, their faces and in their heart and soul.

It’s about passion, devotion and sensuality, about love and hate, about shyness, getting close to things, people, moments. Sometimes it’s like a corrida and sometimes like soft rain, or the gently touching hand of a friend.

It’s an enchanted world where words aren’t necessary: you can’t hear the voice of imagination and light if you don’t listen by heart – silent. It has a lot in common with meditation, no matter if people, landscapes, architecture. Being deeply sunken in a moment, photography is a great teacher – about life and its various aspects.

It’s not only about seeing, but perceiving in a very personal way and always closely connected to all senses. I hear music in light, see fragrances in colors, listen to silence – and to the pervasive swish and murmur of life.” – Heike Rost


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