StoNur on the Road – Blood Mountains

This blog post is by Marcus from Streets of Nuremberg and captures some nice impressions and the history of the Lagazuoi, a mountain (area) in Northern Italy’s Dolomite region. I just returned the other day from that mountain with a group of photographers (we were on a photograpy hike in the Dolomites / Dolomiten Fotowanderung), so it was interesting to stumble upon this post with the nice pictures and the history of this war marked area (Italian and Austrians fighting in WWI).

Streets of Nuremberg

Sorry for not posting the last couple of days, I still need to get used to the concept of blogging while travelling.

I’ve spend the last couple of days in the Dolomites Mountains of Northern Italy. A zone called the “Blood Mountains” after the fierce mountain warfare that took place between Austrian Imperial Troops (Kaiserjäger) and Italian mountaineers (Alpini) during World War  I between May 1915 and November 1918. To learn more about the history and our adventures in a mountain continue reading after the jump..

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